How to Become a Biker to Work in 5 Unbelievably Tough Steps

So you want to bike to work and have been looking for information on how to do it right. Well, unfortunately today, we have some things to say that might cause a bit of discomfort to some. Let’s just say that all things come in different sizes and colors. They’re tough and unbelievable:

1. Getting the right bike. OK, let’s hear Lance say it: “It’s not about the bike.” But then again, sometimes, it really is about the bike and if you don’t have the right one for you, you’d be aching all over, even after just a five-kilometer ride on a smooth road. Why? Because only the right-sized bike and one that’s been configured to fit you can provide a comfortable and easy ride. And do you know why this is not easy? Bike frames are sold with fixed sizes and measurements, and they certainly don’t come in one size fits all versions. Having a bike fitting session is not cheap either. Of course you can adjust the seat post to the height that’s just right for you and you can do the same for handle bars and all the parts that can be adjusted. But this will take time and you have to ride the bike and then adjust and do it all over again several times over several days and kilometers before you can get the adjustments that will not result into muscle aches and sore balls. Whew, you have got to have a lot of patience before you get them right.

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3 Laws that Rule the Biker’s Brain

The feeling is mutual,” exclaimed the car driver after being told that cyclists hate him. It’s hard not to agree when you see cyclists running through red lights, cycling on sidewalks, or going against traffic on the wrong side of the road. Ask any cyclists if he has violated any traffic laws made for motorized transport and you’ll likely to get a reluctant but an affirmative answer. And while we all know that this is not good at all for anyone using the road, the question remains, why do cyclist do what motorists hate and why do cyclists, knowing that they are breaking some laws of the road, continue break them knowingly? We posit some plausible explanations here so motorized transport drivers may understand a bit about what’s going on inside a cyclist’s mind while on the road.

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A Desire for some Quiet in our Transport System

Image from CAI-Asia

NOISY. Our roads are noisy. At 4:00 A.M., I am awakened by the sound of a speeding jeepney on Gil Fernando Avenue, and I don’t even live on that street; I live a block away.  It used to be that the avenue was lined with only a few houses; two of them were particularly beautiful. And as a child, my family would drive around in our owner-type jeep admiring them. From a quiet private subdivision’s arterial road, A. Tuazon has been reclassified into a national road and renamed Gil Fernando Avenue. The notorious Montalban jeepneys ply this road now going to and from Cubao; rerouted from the heart of the older part of town, where I heard a number of accidents have occurred involving the notorious jeepney line.

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