Top 5 Reasons You'll Never Regret Having a Bicycle

1. You get to bike with your significant other and not mind the time that passes.  It's always a pleasure biking with someone you love, going places, discovering new things, sharing the love of biking without worrying what's over the next hill or how long or where this long stretch of road will lead to.  In fact, it's like you'd never want the road to end.  It's never a good idea to hold hands while biking but it does look like a very romantic scene. (image from here)


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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing While Biking

One of the things that make cycling so enjoyable is that it gives you a sense of freedom and power. You can pedal till you drop and at the end of the last kilometer, no one will tell you you’re crazy except the non-initiated non-cyclists. However, as with any enjoyable, powerful things, there should be moderation and as Stan Lee would say it through Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, with power comes great responsibility. There are certain things that no one should do while cycling – not on the road or off-road, and certainly not while you’re trying to navigate through Metro Manila’s crazier than the gods of loon’s streets. Here are five things that no cyclist should ever think of doing:

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What Your Bike Says About You

First of all, let us admit that the title of this article is definitely not the most original one for a Firefly Brigade website but we beg you to indulge us and suspend your disbelief or dissent for the duration of the time it takes to read this article and consider what it means. Most of you, especially if you have a car and are fond of forums and websites that deal with cars, would have read an article with a similar title but referring mainly to cars. So following their lead, let us ask now: does the bike you ride actually say anything about the real you or is it just a coincidence that your 29er x-large size full-suspension bike frame is an accurate reflection of your manliness? It may really be not just about the bike but have you ever wondered if the bike makes the man? We may not have the demographics now that will show what type of bike is being ridden by what type of people (both male and female) but maybe a simple cursory investigation of bikers during a busy morning may tell us something about this phenomenon.

Graphic designed by Aaron Kuehn

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