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A Bicyclist in Mad Avenue

Call it madness or insanity, it doesn’t matter, but you wouldn’t be far off defining what bicycling is in Metro Manila’s streets, whether you are traversing a major city artery or a simple side street in your barangay.  However, you could still see a semblance of order arising out of our cities streets’ cauldron of confusion if you care to do so, only, with a word to the wise, this could ironically drive you to madness or insanity, (choose your own definition or poison, if you like.)

Problems All Cyclists Understand

The MMDA seems to think that constructing (read: carving) bike lanes out of existing streets will encourage more people to bike and leave their cars at their garages. They have done this in several Metro Manila streets and they seem to be sure that cyclists are using them. The true state of these bike lanes however are quite the opposite of what they had in mind. Here are photographic proofs of our claim:

Some Thoughts on the EDSA Bike Lanes

The following post is from a copy of an email sent by one of our friends, Neil Christopher Alaiza to Dannee Dee Bobadilla of the MMDA regarding the EDSA bike lanes. We are posting it in full with his permission of course, so that all our readers can appraise it for themselves and make their own opinion. As with all disclaimers, the views and opinions expressed on this post are solely those of the original author.