Firefly Logos Throughout the Years -1999 to 2016

Firefly Logos Throughout the Years
Firefly Logos Throughout the Years
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...
Face to face with nature...

Our Mission and Vision

mission vision1A world where bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life... To promote cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transportation...

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Our Advocacies: What We Do

advocacy1The Firefly Brigade is an NGO that promotes the use of the bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities. Our activities that support these goals:

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Bicycling Resources

bikeresources1This is a partial list of bike shops in and around Metro Manila. Please contact us If you are a bike shop owner and you want your shop to be listed here.

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Firefly Brigade News

How to Safely Carry Stuff on Your Bike

dog on a bike

Image from here.

If you can think of a better way, you're welcome to share!

Is there anything you cannot carry on your bike? The truth is, sadly, yes. The load you can put on your bike depends on how much weight it can bear and how able you are in balancing the bike when it is loaded. And as you will be on the bike already, the amount of load you can actually bring with you is much less than you think. However, there are still lots of things you can put on your bike and we are here to give you tips on how you can transport almost anything on your bicycle properly and safely.

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Being A Frugal and Happy Bicyclist

 jfk bike quote

THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT USING THE BICYCLE INSTEAD OF A CAR or any other form of motorized transport saves you gas and therefore, money. However, giving it further thought, YOU WILL REALIZE THAT IT'S NOT JUST THE GAS AND MONEY YOU SAVE THAT COUNT but the REAL FUN YOU HAVE WHEN YOU RIDE YOUR BIKE.

Being frugal is defined as "sparing or economical in the use of resources such as money or food" and "simple and plain and costing little." Both these definitions from Google are more than apt descriptions of someone who depends on the bicycle for most of his or her transport needs. Being sparing and economical in using motorized transport means using the bicycle instead in this case. The bicycle, in its pristine and basic form, cannot be topped in being simple, plain and being inexpensive. Of course, there are models that actually cost thousands of dollars and they are not plain and simple but those are not for ordinary people like us who cannot afford such bicycles. And as contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist Mehmet Murat ildan says, "Bicycle means simplicity and simplicity means happiness!"  We say that a frugal cyclist is a happy cyclist.

Our goal is to find ways to bike more for less, how to bike more efficiently and live a more efficient and therefore, happy, life.

Telll us if you are happy when you bike in the comments below.


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5 Ways to Keep Drivers from Ruining Your Bike Ride


Image from here.

You know she is so right!

This would have happened to you once or a couple of times before on a bicycle ride that you joined: you were happy because you were in your element and just as you were starting to enjoy, here comes a car behind you, overtakes and then stops right before you, without even having the courtesy to signal or slow down. And then you think you’re bike ride is now ruined.  For some bicyclist, there is only one reaction: rage and then some unprintable words to show the driver how much you hate his guts for doing what he did. You hate the driver as much as you hate yourself for allowing the situation to escalate. This and some other similar scenarios are common among frequent or daily bike to work people.  Some days are just unlucky enough for one to encounter such uncouth car drivers and what’s a bicyclist to do but respond in the same manner.

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