Join our Bike to Work Wednesday and have fun biking to work with other cyclists who care for their health and the environment ! Happiness is riding a bicycle. Start the year right Join Firefly Brigade's January CMR on JANUARY 19, 2014. !

The Firefly Brigade actively promotes the bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation.

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The Firefly Brigade has resources to help your company or institution establish your own bike program.

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If you need someone to guide you or find the best route, call us and we will find a Firefly who can.

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A Desire for Some Quiet in Our Transport System


by Kattie Sta. Ana, Founder of the Tour of the Fireflies

NOISY. Our roads are noisy. At 4:00 A.M., I am awakened by the sound of a speeding jeepney on Gil Fernando Avenue, and I don’t even live on that street; I live a block away. It used to be that the avenue was lined with only a few houses; two of them were particularly beautiful. And as a child, my family would drive around in our owner-type jeep admiring them. From a quiet private subdivision’s arterial road, A. Tuazon has been reclassified into a national road and renamed Gil Fernando Avenue. The notorious Montalban jeepneys ply this road now going to and from Cubao; rerouted from the heart of the older part of town, where I heard a number of accidents have occurred involving the notorious jeepney line.


Top 10 Essentials for Bike Commuters

The bicycle is an excellent choice for your mode of transportation, whether you are going to work or on your way to spend some leisure time at the mall.  Its best characteristic is its simplicity, both in form and function.  Everything you need to move from point A to point B is already there. You may want to add a few enhancements but basically, all you need is a helmet and the will to pedal.  Here are the top 10 essential cycling items to make sure that your ride is more fun than driving your car to work. It is a hundred times more preferable to riding the ubiquitous jeepney or tricycle.


**** E V E N T S ****

  • 2014 Monthy CMR Schedule
  • CMR for January 2014
  • Urban Riding and Road Etiquette Training Schedule


Please click link to see details of ride:

  • Sunday 19 January - The Happy Ride
  • Sunday 16 February - Love Ride
  • Sunday 16 March - Women’s Day Ride
  • Sunday 20 April -  Earth Day Ride
  • Sunday 18 May -  Flores de Mayo Ride
  • Sunday 15 June -  Back to School Ride
  • Sunday 20 July - Wet T-shirt Ride
  • Sunday 17 August -  Bike to EAT
  • Sunday 21 September International Critical Mass Ride
  • Sunday 19 October – Halloween Ride
  • Sunday 16 November Tour of the Fireflies
  • Saturday 21 December 9th Annual Firefly Brigade Christmas Gift-giving Ride.
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january cmr

Happiness is riding a bicycle. Start the year right Join Firefly Brigade's January CMR on JANUARY 19, 2014.


Greenhills Shopping Center
Kanan sa Ortigas
Tawid sa Bonnny Serrano
Kanan sa N. Domingo
Kaliwa sa Hemady
Tawid Aurora Blvd.
Kaliwa E. Rodriguez Ave.
Kanan Araneta Ave.
Tawid Quezon Ave.
Tawid Del Monte Ave.
Tawid Bonifacio Ave.
Kanan sa Rizal Ave.
Kain sa Best Friends at silip sa MK Bikestation

Please visit our facebook page f or the details.

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The Firefly Brigade is proud to announce that we will be conducting URBAN RIDING and  ROAD ETIQUETTE TRAINING every second Sunday of the month.  This series of training sessions is designed to help those who are new to bicycling and want to learn how to bike safely.  The training sessions are also for those who are planning to bike to work and want to learn the proper skills and techniques to safely ride their bike to their places of work. The skills and techniques you will learn here can be applied when you join the monthy Critical Mass Ride

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Who are the Tour Marshals?

The Tour of the Fireflies will always be a success because of our valiant marshals. They are dedicated bikers who make sure that all Tour participants, regardless of their skill levels, age or gender, are safe from start to finish.

Where do your donations go?

Your registration fee (with the corresponding souvenir Tour Jersey/Tshirt/Leg band) to join the annual Tour of the Fireflies is your donation to the Firefly Brigade. To know where and how your donations are spent:

MRT Line 3 Live CCTV Streaming

For those who ride folding bikes (and hopefully even full sized ones) and want to use the MetroRail Yellow Line 3, you can view live CCTV streaming of their stations here. Of course, this is also useful to all who regularly use this line.

PAGASA Weather Update

If you are planning a long, out of town biking trip, it pays to know the weather, from where you are to where you are going. Get the latest weather conditions from PAGASA's 24-hour Public Weather Forecast.

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

A smart way to bike around Metro Manila is to know what streets to avoid. The MMDA has set up the country's first digitized traffic information system which can help guide you to the road with less or no motorized traffic.

Cycling News Around the World

News, reports and events about Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) from around the country and the world.