Are All Cyclists Eco-Friendly by Default?

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In a perfect world, we would all be environmentalists and we would all own and use bicycles to go around.  This might sound too utopic for some and indeed it could be. But if we would like to survive as a civilization, we would have to start today to think of all the things we can do to minimize our negative impact on the environment.  Sounds too serious, right? However, if  you are reading this, we could assume that somehow, you have thought of joining advocacies that push for the adoption of nature conservation.  You could already be a proud owner of a bike that perhaps you use to go on errands from time to time, or maybe, you even use it to bike to work.  Riding a bicycle, with all its simplicity and elegance as a machine, is an ideal way to proclaim your own way of being one with those who are already aware of their responsibility in contributing to nature conservation.

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Five Types of Cyclists You'll Find at the Tour of the Fireflies

types of cyclists in the ToF

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The annual Tour of the Fireflies gathers together thousands of cyclists not only from Metro Manila but also from all parts of the country and occasionally, from overseas.  It used to be held on the Sunday before the celebration of Earth Day on April 22.  For some reasons however, it was moved to November and for some reasons again, it might be moved back to its original date.  In the past years that it was held, the number of participants consistently grew exponentially and you could see that as more and more people were encouraged to bike, more and more people came to participate, and thus, the more complicated it became to organize. There were expats too, who were ony too glad to see how much we Filipinos love to bike. Some celebrities and beauty queens (Miss Earth) have also been spotted and why not, politicians who know how to take advantage of opportunities when they see one. But as with all kinds of events where people congregate to celebrate something, the Tour of the Fireflies became the venue of all kinds of cyclists (or even non-cyclists) who come show off themselves and their bikes or to look at others and their bikes as well.  Let us now look at five types of cyclists that you could find at every Tour of the Fireflies.

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5 Ways to Use the Bicycle Other than for Transport

bike washing machine

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The machines we usually have at home today are most often than not, powered by electricity. Our civilization has definitely come a long way from horse-drawn or manually operated machines that milled the rice we cooked or wheat we baked. Electricity will always be the preferred power source when it comes to running the machines that make our life easier and better. However, for those who want to live off the grid, there are alternative power sources that can provide clean and efficient energy and don’t need fossil fuel as their ultimate power source. We can call it pedal power, or to put it in another way, we use the bicycle to power simple machines that we could use for our daily activities.

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How to Become a Biker to Work in 5 Unbelievably Tough Steps

bike to work hands

So you want to bike to work and have been looking for information on how to do it right. Well, unfortunately today, we have a few things to say that might cause a bit of discomfort to some. Let’s just say that all things come in different sizes and colors; they’re tough and unbelievable:

1. Getting the right bike. OK, let’s hear Lance say it: “It’s not about the bike.” But then again, sometimes, it really is about the bike and if you don’t have the right one for you, you’d be aching all over, even after just a five-kilometer ride on a smooth road. Why? Because only the right-sized bike and one that’s been configured tofit you can provide a comfortable and easy ride. And do you know why this is not easy? Bike frames are sold with fixed sizes and measurements, and they certainly don’t come in one size fits all versions. Having a bike fitting session is not cheap either. Of course you can adjust the seat post to the height that’s just right for you and you can do the same for handle bars and all the parts that can be adjusted. But this will take time and you have to ride the bike and then adjust and do it all over again several times over several days and kilometers before you can get the adjustments that will not result into muscle aches and sore balls. It's like the Buddhists' cycle of rebirth: your are born again and again; and you don't get to heaven untill you get it right. Whew, you have got to have a lot of patience before you get them really right.

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