Bike, Share the Road, Have Fun, Repeat

ride, share the road, have fun, repeat

A baker loves to bake cakes, breads or whatever it is that takes her fancy to make at the moment. A baker who doesn’t love creating something edible out flour, eggs, shortening, exotic spices, and other ingredients doesn’t deserve to be called one. She would want to share her creations with others but above all, he/she must have fun doing what she loves. And then she repeats everything.

A biker worth his cranks does basically the same thing. And thus he bikes, shares the road, have fun and then he does them all over again to double, triple or quadruple the excitement he gets out of bicycling. A bicyclist ride for all kinds of reasons: to go to work, as a leisure activity, to run errands, to market, trail rides, fund raiser rides and any type of ride you can think of. In fact you don’t need a reason at all to ride your bicycle. As long as your bicycle is in good, working condition and you yourself is capable of pedaling without falling off your bike for at least the first 100 kilometers, then you don’t have any reason not to ride, share the road, have fun and repeat these steps all over again.

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Being a Predictable Bicyclist on the Road

Image from here.

Some people take pride in considering themselves as an “unpredictable” person. They equate this quality with being spontaneous, fun, and gregarious. But while this may be a desirable trait in our social intercourse as they give way to meaningful relationships, it is a very negative and certainly undesirable trait in bicycling. A bicyclist must be predictable on the road. Being predictable is necessary if you want to survive on board your two-wheeler on the streets. Consider this as gospel truth: the more predictable you ride your bicycle, the safer you will be on the streets. The question however, is how you become predictable while bicycling.

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Polluters Must Pay

air, land, sea pollution sources

Image from various internet sources

It’s easy to blame our current environmental pollution problems on the use of fossil fuels. Ever since we learned to burn the product of thousands of years of organic decay, our world slowly filled with toxic fumes that the Earth’s built-in natural elimination system could not get rid of. It’s like our planet is suffering from its own form of sepsis which is slowly triggering a cascade of changes that are damaging multiple ecological systems in our environment leading to ecosystem failure and slow death. However, even as most governments in the world recognize their own contribution and responsibilities on the world’s pollution problem, we as individuals mostly fail in doing so.

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How Bicyclists are Helping Solve Our Urban Traffic Problem

The picture above is graphic proof of how bicyclists all over the world are actually helping solve our urban traffic problem. Looking at this picture, is it any wonder for you why we are having traffic problems in all major cities in the planet? The Philippines is not exempted and in fact, we have one of the worst traffic problems around the world. The country maybe experiencing a slight rise in bicycle use right now and luckily, if the trend continues in the coming years, we may come to a point where bicyclists’ presence in our roads reach critical mass and become a defining force that can drive our lawmakers to create bicycle friendly laws that are adapted to our local conditions and address bicyclists’ needs such as safety and security while on the road. But the question at this point is what can tip the balance in favor of encouraging more people to ride their bicycles to work rather than drive their cars or even ride public transport?

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