December CMR: Gift-Giving Ride

december cmr 9th gift giving ride

9th Christmas Gift-Giving Ride on Dec 21, this coming Sunday!

We’ve doing this for the last 9 years and we are going to do this for 9 or more years.

Meetup: at 2 pm, at UP Diliman Palma Hall parking lot. (See map below)

Route will be announced on the day of the ride itself.

Please prepare the following and put them in your lootbags:

  • 2 canned goods (as much as possible not sardines please)
  • 2 packs of noodles (ramen, mami, yakisoba, spaghetti, etc.)
  • 1 kg bigas
  • 1 sabon
  • used clothes in good condition
  • used toys in good condition
  • goodies for street kids

Bringing more of the items above is not a sin so please do bring more if you can  You are very welcome to bring other food/non-food items you can afford to share with others…

You can also come in costumes and who knows, if you do, we might just have some surprise for you at the end of the ride!

As usual, helmets are required and since we might be riding well into the night, make sure your bicycles have lights.  If possible, have the loudest horns you can get, too. This will not be a quite ride… of course, we will have much fun between our legs as well…

Please spread more of the love we have this Christmas by sharing this post in your Facebook page… Tweet this too if you have a Twitter account…  Just click the share/tweet button below and we are 100% certain you will be blessed with so much happines you’d want to bring more than what we are asking you to bring on Sunday’s 9th Christmas Gift-Giving Ride of the Firefly Brigade.