Is There an Electric Bike in Your Future?

 vision electric bike

Figure 1. The Vision electric bicycle—monocoque carbon fiber frame, mid-drive motor, controlled with your smart phone

Purists abhor the idea of putting motors in their bicycles—they say it destroys the very idea that the bicycle represents. Athletes of course need their workout—the harder they have to pedal, the better for their bodies. Environmentalists regard all motorized vehicles to be anathema, and putting a motor in a bicycle is the antithesis of pedal power. Yet, the goal to get more people on bicycles may necessitate advocates embracing the idea of motorized bicycles, or at least bicycles that use electric motors to assist the cyclist.

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National Bike Day: A First for the Philippines and all Filipino Cyclists

The FIREFLY BRIGADE fully supports the petition to the Office of the President to proclaim the month of November as National Bicycle Month and Every Fourth Sunday of November thereafter as National Bicycle Day.

We are advocates of the use of the bicycle as a primary means of transportation and believe that if our city roads were transformed into a bicycle centered/non-motorized transportation centered society, more motorized vehicle-owners would leave their cars at home and be encouraged to come out and use their bicycles to work, to school and to run errands. Many of our citizens/road users would be happier, healthier, more social towards each other, and less stressed because they would be bike commuting on safer roads while not having to deal with traffic issues and air pollution.

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Are All Cyclists Eco-Friendly by Default?

eco-friendly biker

In a perfect world, we would all be environmentalists and we would all own and use bicycles to go around.  This might sound too utopic for some and indeed it could be. But if we would like to survive as a civilization, we would have to start today to think of all the things we can do to minimize our negative impact on the environment.  Sounds too serious, right? However, if  you are reading this, we could assume that somehow, you have thought of joining advocacies that push for the adoption of nature conservation.  You could already be a proud owner of a bike that perhaps you use to go on errands from time to time, or maybe, you even use it to bike to work.  Riding a bicycle, with all its simplicity and elegance as a machine, is an ideal way to proclaim your own way of being one with those who are already aware of their responsibility in contributing to nature conservation.

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Five Types of Cyclists You'll Find at the Tour of the Fireflies

types of cyclists in the ToF

Images from various sources.

The annual Tour of the Fireflies gathers together thousands of cyclists not only from Metro Manila but also from all parts of the country and occasionally, from overseas.  It used to be held on the Sunday before the celebration of Earth Day on April 22.  For some reasons however, it was moved to November and for some reasons again, it might be moved back to its original date.  In the past years that it was held, the number of participants consistently grew exponentially and you could see that as more and more people were encouraged to bike, more and more people came to participate, and thus, the more complicated it became to organize. There were expats too, who were ony too glad to see how much we Filipinos love to bike. Some celebrities and beauty queens (Miss Earth) have also been spotted and why not, politicians who know how to take advantage of opportunities when they see one. But as with all kinds of events where people congregate to celebrate something, the Tour of the Fireflies became the venue for all kinds of cyclists (or even non-cyclists) who come to show off themselves and their bikes or to look at other cyclists and their bikes as well.  Let us now look at five types of cyclists that you could find at every Tour of the Fireflies.

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