Our Mission and Vision

mission visionA world where bicycling and sustainable transportation are a way of life... To promote cycling as an environmentally sustainable form of transportation...

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Our Advocacies: What We Do

advocacyThe Firefly Brigade is an NGO that promotes the use of the bicycle for clean air and sustainable communities. Our activities that support these goals:

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Bicycling Resources

bikeresourcesThis is a partial list of bike shops in and around Metro Manila. Please contact us If you are a bike shop owner and you want your shop to be listed here.

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Firefly Brigade Home News

B is for Change: Bicycles Will Power Our Collective Journey towards the Future


Neither Utopic nor Dystopic...Choose your weapon er... bike.

Novels about the future often portray either a dystopian or utopian society punctuated by reflections on how the surviving humans interact with each other, with the environment or even with sentient machines, more specifically humanoid robots that will either serve and save humankind or cause the dawning of doomsday or Armageddon, whichever the author has a penchant for. Some would juxtapose the two and show how divided they are when it comes to how they value human existence. However, be it dystopian or utopian, many novels that have been brought to the screen especially by Hollywood most often show a generation that is dependent on an energy source that is either arbitrarily abundant or rare.

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Zen and the Art of Miscommunication – A Look at How Bicyclists and Drivers Miscommunicate On the Road

funny memes on my bike vs in m 55d03b0ec312aPeople involved in the communication arts industry are very lucky – they are schooled in the process of communication and thus, when they complete the course, they can be considered creative masters of communication. It is as if they can manipulate or direct other people’s thoughts to conform to a norm they find fascinating at the moment. But what again is communication? Can one communicate with oneself or is there a need for it? Does it always need two entities or two institutions in order to be called a legitimate communication? What are the tools we actually need to communicate and do we really employ them always? What are the essentials in order to elevate it to an art form that the masses can relate to?

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What Innovations Would You Like to See in the Bicycle?

clock crank

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Green seems to be the favorite color of naturists, global warming soothsayers, environmentalists, and other socially aware groups that aim to raise the world’s IQ and EQ when it comes to what goes on in our visible and invisible world. However, you don’t need to go the way of green in order to come up with a kind of great innovation in bicycle technology.

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